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Social Media for SEO

Social media for SEO

Social Media – What’s all the fuss about ?

Social media is important to the ranking of your website because It gives your website
Social authority”.


If you have a Facebook page with lots of likes and people sharing your posts, you must have something important to share in the eyes of the search engines. If you don’t know the difference between your regular Facebook page and a business page, give me a call and we’ll help you understand this.


If you have a YouTube Channel with some videos that are posted on your page, this is good. If you put a good keyword description and your full website url (with http://) with each YouTube video this is even better. Now get a lot of people to watch your video on YouTube, and you’re golden! Google owns YouTube and definitely likes to see popular videos linked to websites. If you really work at it, your video may come up higher in Google than your website.


Not many people have time to ‘tweet” on Twitter, but again, having people follow you and share your tweets makes you look more like an important authority in your area of business to the search engines.

The same goes for Google Plus, Yelp, LinkedIn, Pinterest and all of the other social and ranking sites out there.

Citations / Directory Listings

It’s really important to make sure your company address, website and phone number show up the same everywhere they are listed. They are called “citations” and are an important identifier of your business. When you find listings that have old or incorrect information, do your best to change it by claiming the listing or contacting the website owner.

Can you calculate how much exposure you’re missing ?

TRY THIS – Do a Google search for your business phone number (with area code). You will see all kinds of listings pop up that you didn’t know existed ! Many of them have pages that can be claimed and updated with your website address and other important information you would want to be there. Every little bit helps, you can try this by typing in your address or website (without the http:// or www).

This is just a short version of “What is SEO ?”. Nixgrafix clients know – we give them sound advice and help them get ranked high without paying an SEO person. We can help you get your own site ranked. . .

All you have to do is hire us !

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